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Porting Calculator V4.2.2

For Windows 98, XP, NT and Vista

Program features:


Port map analyzer  V3.0

For Windows 98, XP, NT and Vista

Calculate your angle areas, mean areas, or time areas in minutes, directly from the portmap image:

You can add extra ports to the portmap image (eg using mspaint), load the new image and trace the new ports. The angle area graph has buttons to optionally turn these extra ports on and off, so you can quickly make a comparison of their effect without loading a new portmap. The graph also has a control to adjust barrel height.

Limitations: Max 5 exhaust ports, 4 transfer ports, 5 boost ports. Total: 14 ports

  FrontPanelV3.0Small (35K)   FrontPanelWAngleAreaGraphV3.0Small (38K)

Both programs:
Porting Calculator V4.2.2 & Port map analyzer V3.0

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